all skiers switching from a rubber binding
to a releasable system.



  • Proven Plunger Design with Adjustable Retention
  • Releases in Multiple (4) Directions
  • Can be Used for Slalom, Tricks and Jumping
  • Soft-Fit Boot makes Transition from Rubber Binding much easier
  • Boot Plate allows most Types of Ski Boots to be Mounted
  • Patented System made entirely in the USA

Proven Plunger Design with Adjustable RetentionThe OB4 Systems releasable binding is a simple but proven plunger design with adjustable retention. The spring lever makes entry and exit of the system quick and easy. The binding system is mounted on a plate that can be adjusted fore and aft on the ski. Video: (OB4System settings)

Releases in Multiple (4) DirectionsThe main advantage of the OB4 System is that it releases in multiple (4) directions: from the heel, from the toe and in both horizontal directions limiting stress on the body’s lower extremities and thus preventing injury to the knees, ankles, Achilles' tendons and bones. Video: (OB4 System Release) Although the skier has a very stable and direct control of the ski, the system will release if enough pressure is applied to the foot, thus preventing the skier from getting injured. If the pressure is not sufficient to release the system it is also not sufficient to injure the skier. 
This applies to all situations – irrespective if one or both boots release from the plate. 
However, all this is only guaranteed if the system is in good working order – meaning well maintained and cared for as directed. Video:(Care of your OB4System)

Can be used for Slalom, Tricks and JumpingThe OB4 Systems releasable binding can be used for slalom, tricks, and jumping. Each boot can be used on all three skis with additional mounting plates. Multiple skiers with different shoe size can use the same ski, because all the boot plates are interchangeable within the binding system.

Soft-Fit Boot makes Transition from Rubber Binding much easierAnyone switching from rubber bindings to a releasable system will enjoy the extremely comfortable new OB4 semi-soft boots. The water repellent liner is heat moldable, thus eliminating pressure points. The sturdy cable tie down system provides an evenly distributed hold and gives you an excellent control over your ski. link: Powerslide Boots

Boot Plate allows most Types of Ski Boots to be mountedThe OB4 Systems releasable binding uses a boot plate that allows most types of ski boots to be mounted on the release system. If you are already using a hard-shell boot, it can be mounted on the boot plate. Our optional boot is a lightweight and trim design to eliminate any drag from the water. Whatever boot is used, your foot must not be able to come out of the boot in order for the release to work properly.  
(Care of your OB4System Boot).

Patented System made entirely in the USAThe OB4 Systems releasable binding is made entirely in the USA. All the binding parts are made of high quality machined aircraft aluminum or plastic for durability. The system is protected under the US patent 9 233 296.

The origin of OB4 Systems

OB4 Systems was launched by water- and snow ski enthusiasts with the aim to improve the safe release from water skis and wake boards, ultimately, helping to reduce injuries. 

As the use of hard shell, or boot style bindings, has become more popular for water-skiing and wake boarding, injury has become more of a concern also. OB4 Systems recognizes the need for a more reliable mechanical release system.  The original system was developed in the early 1990’s based on a popular snow ski boot release mechanism that is still in use today.  Over the years, the system was used continuously and OB4 Systems has improved the main parts of the release system and adapted it to newer boot styles.

OB4 Systems is now selling a redesigned version of this system for water skiing and developing the system for wake boarding. Both systems are patent protected (9 233 296).